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Job Alert: Program Associate – Cambridge Systematics @ Washington, DC

Cambridge Systematics is seeking a qualified, versatile professional to provide on-site program support for a current client and their ongoing survey program. The position is part of the travel demand forecasting group in our Washington, D.C. area office, but the assignment is conducted in an additional location as well.

Program support is provided in four areas:

  1. Program Coordination;
  2. User Support;
  3. Add-On Communication and Coordination; and
  4. Methods and Applications Research.

Program Coordination includes preparing special analyses and reports on quick turnaround basis; preparing presentations for client and other audiences; conducting note taking, meeting organization and preparation, presentation, and follow-up for approximately two meetings per month. User Support includes fielding inquiries in coordination with subcontractor resources and maintaining the Compendium of Users. Add-On Communication and Coordination includes performing correspondence, quality assurance, special meetings and presentations, and queries from local agencies. Methods and Applications Research includes developing a selection of white papers as directed supporting methods, general applications, and geospatial data applications.

Requirements: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in transportation planning or related field; over five years relevant experience in transportation planning applications, travel demand modeling, or transportation market research; excellent verbal and written communications skills; strong organization and task management skills; experience working with surveys, and using Census-related data products; analytical capability and experience with Microsoft Excel; ability to efficiently develop short reports and presentation using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; and commitment to quality, dedication to objective analysis, and attention to detail.

Specific knowledge of client content, data structure, data limitations, current and potential applications, and user community needs is desirable. Experience with multimodal data collection applications, development of data processing management programs, stated- and revealed-preference surveys, advanced computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) survey techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), and/or statistics packages (e.g., SAS, SPSS) is also desirable.


Qualified candidates should send resume to and reference job code TDF000224.


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