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Featured Post by Guest Blogger Jeffrey Mullen, Secretary and C.E.O of Massachusetts Department of Transportation

This is a guest post by Hon. Jeffrey Mullan, the Secretary and C.E.O of Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  Sec. Jeff Mullan spoke to YPT’s Boston Chapter yesterday (June 21) as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series and going by the initial observations received from fellow Boston YPT-ers, the event was a huge success.  This afternoon, Sec. Jeff Mullan wrote a quick blog post sharing his experience from yesterday’s event (shown below).  Thank you, Sec. Mullan. We appreciate your kind words and the incredible support and encouragement for YPT.


To the membership of Young Professionals in Transportation:

Last night, I spoke with over 100 members of the YPT Boston Chapter about the future of transportation.  First, let me say how happy I was to be able to address the group and to engage with them on a topic that is important to us all.  Secondly, I want to thank YPT for its advocacy for our industry, for the voice it provides, and for all that your organization represents – our future.  Lastly, in order to talk about our future, I believe it is necessary to speak to the past – about where we once where and where we now are.  And we did just that last night.  I hope that the discussion offered perspective about the important and historic moment that we are collectively facing in transportation today and the challenges this moment presents for the professionals who deliver important service to our customers every day.  Together, we will address them. 
I know I speak for many transportation secretaries around the nation when I say that our attention to our collective responsibilities to this generation and the generations of our children and grandchildren has never been more important.  Thank you to the members of YPT for stepping up and caring about our future.  Bravo.  Thirty years from now, you will be glad that you did.
Jeff Mullan, Secretary and CEO
Massachusetts Department of Transportation



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