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USDOT Event: Join the National Dialogue to Improve Transportation Performance

Join the National Dialogue to Improve Transportation Performance

The US Department of Transportation is hosting an online dialogue on improving transportation performance between May 21st and June 22nd 2012. During the dialogue, federal, state, tribal, and local transportation professionals will have the opportunity to share and discuss experiences and strategies for improving the safety, condition, and mobility of our nation’s highways and connecting road networks.

This is an opportunity for all transportation professionals to engage in an extended dialogue on improving the nation’s highway system. The FHWA wants participants to share both accomplishments and lessons learned from using performance management principles to improve the condition and performance of roads and highways.

The dialogue hopes to:

  • Illustrate how using performance measures have improved the lives of people in your community
  • Describe the types of performance reports and data you want FHWA to produce
  • Describe the types of transportation performance management analytical tools and data you need FHWA to provide to support your goals
  • Discuss how you think FHWA can improve relationships and communications with national, state, local, tribal, and community stakeholders
  • Discuss the barriers you have encountered in your work to improve the condition and performance of roads and highways
  • Share your recommendations for improving FHWA’s use of performance measures

To join in the conversation or learn more about the initiative, please go to: https://fhwaperformance.ideascale.com/


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