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YPTSFBAYHere in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by an engaged base of individuals who are deeply passionate about transportation. Our membership is comprised of a variety of transportation enthusiasts from organizations large and small, public and private, established and entrepreneurial.

I am proud to represent this dynamic organization, now in its second year and growing at a record pace. YPT’s core mission is to provide career guidance, fellowship and networking opportunities for professionals. Here in the Bay Area, we also take that goal a step further by aligning with our region’s innovative spirit. Our chapter seeks to bring together people and ideas that are driving change in the transportation industry. Our best YPT programs and events come from our organization’s base: friends and members, individuals we believe to be the future of transportation.

Without member and sponsor support, this organization and the ideas that we share would not exist. We hope that you’ll come out and connect with us at future events and meet with our leadership to learn more about our organization. Thanks for your interest in YPT and please let me know if there’s anything we can do to make it even better! Andy Kosinski 2013-2014 Chair, YPT San Francisco Bay Area

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TOB/Meet the Candidates Happy Hour
When: Tues., Oct. 7, 6-8 PM
Where: John Collins, 138 Minna St., San Francisco (new location!)
More Info: We’re teaming up with Transit-Oriented Beer for a special happy hour: Meet the candidates for our upcoming board elections!

NACTO Happy Hour
When: Thurs., Oct. 29
Where: Impact Hub, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco
RSVP here
More Info: YPT is proud to welcome the 2014 NACTO Designing Cities conference to San Francisco! Join us for food, drinks, and conversations. This is a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders from across the nation that we’re thrilled to host for our members and attendees of NACTO’s conference.


Nominations are in and we have a great field of candidates for this year’s elections. We are a month out from elections, and now is the time for the candidates to stump for your votes! The slate of candidates for the 2014-2015 YPT SF Bay board and their statements are below. Now is also the time to make sure your membership is up to date, or to become a member, if you want to vote this year.

Elections Process

  • Oct. 9, 2014: Last day to become a YPT member if you want to vote in this year’s elections – sign up or renew here.
  • Oct. 13, 2014: All eligible voters will receive an email with voting instructions. Online voting for International and Chapter elections opens at 10 a.m. EST (7 a.m. PST).
  • Oct. 24, 2014: Online voting for International and Chapter elections closes at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST). Pending any runoff elections, the results will be made available to the YPT membership in early November. The new board term for all winning candidates will begin on Nov. 1, 2013.

The names and organizations of individuals who are candidates for more than one position are listed under each position for which they are candidates, but their full candidate statement are listed only once.

Chair: 1 candidate
The Chair is responsible for day-to-day implementation of the policy and guidelines of the Board of Directors. The Chair presides over Board meetings, creates and appoints members to Committees, and acts as chief official executive officer of the organization.

Beaudry Kock, Transportation Systems Engineer, Ridescout
YPT SF Bay Area has, in a few short years, established itself as a unique and capable organization. The organization helps make connections and drives the sharing of innovative ideas and practices among the transportation community, like no other in the region. Chairs and Board Members from past years have laid an excellent foundation for future growth, and we should continue with our core strengths of providing career guidance, fellowship and networking opportunities. But I argue that the organization should now widen its remit and consider what positive impacts that a talented board of directors and engaged membership can bring to important issues facing the transportation profession.

The profession may be at an inflection point in the Bay Area, generationally and technologically. As new waves of professionals join with a wealth of fresh ideas, and new technologies continue to disrupt established practices and organizations, YPT SF Bay is uniquely well positioned to bring together old and new communities and foster positive and constructive discussion.

Despite these innovations and advancements, the transportation profession remains substantially underrepresented by women and people of color. It is not incumbent upon a professional organization like YPT to fix these problems, but we can certainly do a lot more to spread awareness, encourage recruitment and in general communicate that the transportation profession is welcoming and supportive of diversity.

Specifically, I believe the organization should be committing resources and energy to:
- highlighting and addressing the serious issues of racial and gender diversity in the professional transportation community;
- attracting new recruits to the transportation profession, particularly from disadvantaged communities;
- increasing our engagement as an organization with the new wave of transportation technology and transportation entrepreneurs

As Chair of YPT SF Bay my priorities would include:

- Continuing the excellent work of prior Chairs and Boards in enhancing our professional development programs, providing opportunities for transportation professionals to connect and communicate, growing the membership, and continuing to improve our internal processes. In particular, I propose to put renewed emphasis on professional development events, and on improved sponsor engagement.
- Developing an events program which encourages discussion around issues of racial and gender diversity in transportation, and emphasizes partnership with more established organizations (e.g. WTS) to do so.
- Developing scholarship programs supportive of women and people of color in the transportation profession.
- Developing a career guidance outreach effort to high schools, particularly in disadvantaged areas, that draws on our major organizational sponsors as well as the membership.
- Focusing sponsor and membership outreach on transportation entrepreneurs and technologists: YPT SF Bay is emphatically not a community of consultants, but often risks being seen as such externally. YPT should be just as much the professional home of “start up” professionals as it is city planners and consulting engineers.

Deputy Chair: 1 candidates
Ian Barnes, Senior Transportation Engineer, Fehr & Peers
My name is Ian Barnes, and I am running for the position of Deputy Chair. Having previously served on the chapter Board of Directors for two of the past three years, I saw our chapter become one of the most successful chapters in the nation. After taking a year off from the Board, I feel the Deputy Chair position is a great opportunity for me to strengthen our chapter and provide our chapter’s members with leadership, professional development, and social opportunities. The key responsibility of the Deputy Chair is to assist all Board members in their duties. Through my past experience on the Board, I am very familiar with the various Board positions, and this makes me an ideal candidate to serve as Deputy Chair.

One of the other key duties of the Deputy Chair for the upcoming term is to set up and manage the Board of Advisors for our chapter. The Board of Advisors will help the chapter Board of Directors by providing guidance, direction and industry insight. My vision is that the Board of Advisors will be a group for all chapter members to draw upon for professional development. My contacts throughout the transportation industry will be of great value in the coming year when identifying candidates for the Board of Advisors. Our Board of Advisors will include both public and private sector leaders in transportation so that our members can draw upon a wide range of experience, resources and ideas.

I hope to serve you as your Deputy Chair for the chapter Board of Directors in 2014-2015. I will assist my fellow Board members in their duties, and I will draw upon my experience as one of the original Board members to strengthen our chapter as a whole. I will set up a Board of Advisors that will provide guidance to both our members and the Board of Directors. In order to do these things, I respectfully ask for your vote in October. Together, we are one of the premier YPT chapters in the nation. The sky is truly the limit.

Thank you for your support.

Treasurer: 1 candidate
Ted Rosenbaum, Staff Consultant, LTK Engineering
My Fellow YPTs,

My name is Ted Rosenbaum and over the last year I’ve had the honor of serving as your Vice Chair for Finance for YPT SF Bay. We’ve had a very successful year, and I’d like to keep the momentum going in my second year. Ours is the largest YPT chapter in the world, and considering we’re in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it means we need to keep our finances in order. I’ve done that over the last year and I’m proud of the work I’ve done in close consultation with our Vice Chairs for Sponsorship and Membership to ensure that YPT continues to generate steady revenue, and I’ve helped push that revenue toward the fun, enlightening events (largely free to members!) that have become a staple of our chapter. Ultimately, a large chunk of the funding for YPT comes from membership dues, and I will continue to work to be a good steward of those funds. Thank you.

Secretary/Vice Chair for Administration: 2 candidates
Zoe Hoster, Account Executive, Local Motion, Inc.
Also running for Vice Chair for Membership
Hi, my name is Zoe, and I would (also) like to be your Secretary. As Secretary, you can count on me to keep the group organized. At my office, I’m known as a stickler for process, and my colleagues are always impressed with how up-to-date I keep our customers’ files, making my work accessible and accountable to everyone in the organization. However, being a YPT board member isn’t just about behind-the-scenes work. It’s also about providing a public face for the organization and making members new and old feel comfortable and that they’re getting value out of the organization. You can count on me to get to know as many current and prospective members as possible, to find out how YPT can best help them professionally and socially.

A little bit more about me — I work for Local Motion, a startup company that provides solutions for vehicle fleets in governments, universities and the private sector. Our hardware and software in each vehicle makes it easy to share vehicles among drivers, ultimately enabling organizations to reduce their fleet size. I ride my bike pretty much everywhere I go, and in my free time I enjoy exploring the Bay Area by road bike.

Amy Smith, Geospatial Data and Technology Specialist, Fehr & Peers
Also running for Vice Chair for Membership and Communications
My name is Amy Smith. I’m a geospatial data and technology specialist focusing on transportation planning at Fehr & Peers. I would like to submit this statement for nomination for the Young Professionals in Transportation San Francisco Bay Area Board of Directors. As a transportation enthusiast, I’m dedicated to the mission of improving communities through creative, collaborative and innovative approaches to understanding transportation needs and characteristics. A major part of my job (and one of my favorite aspects) is coordinating with other transportation planners, engineers, and visual communications specialists to find, organize, and analyze transportation data and effectively communicate it with others. I also regularly present on transportation topics and conduct training sessions within and outside of my company. I’ve served on the board for the Northern California chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (NorCal URISA) and am actively involved in a local meetup called Maptime. I think that through my experiences working with teams at Fehr & Peers and other organizations, I could contribute to YPT and meet new people in the process. As a recent transplant to San Francisco, I think this would also be a unique opportunity to learn more about transportation in the Bay Area.

Vice Chair for Collegiates: 1 candidate
Dan Mackowski, Design Trainee, SFMTA
I would like to run for the Vice Chair for Collegiates. I just graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and moved out here for work. In a field with as many non-technical elements as technical, I found it extremely beneficial as a student to attend transportation related events outside of class. I hope to offer similar opportunities to students out here with the hope that they can find a passion in transportation regardless of their major or whatever their background is. One of the best parts about YPT is that everyone is doing something different, even if we’re all (transpo nerds…).

Some of the events I hope would draw interest from the local and regional colleges include company/project tours, new product/technology demonstrations, open collaboration brainstorms/hackathons, professional speakers and presentations or seminars, career advice, and social outings (transportation trivia, transit pub crawl, bike party…).

I’m very open to new ideas and am up for taking on challenges. I hope you consider me in the elections.

Vice Chair for Communications: 2 candidates
Alex Baca, Marketing Coordinator, Gensler
I’m writing to submit my nomination for Vice Chair of Communications for the YPT SF Bay Chapter. I currently hold this role and wish to reprise it for the 2014-2015 board year. I stepped into the communications seat in May 2014, shortly after I arrived in San Francisco. I’ve spent this period familiarizing myself with YPT’s systems and processes (including our finicky CRM and our much-less-finicky task management system, Asana); now that I’ve got a command of our tools, I’m prepared to promote what we do—happy hours, professional development opportunities, partnership events, panels, and so on—to the best of my ability. I’ve demonstrated success with on-time delivery of our emails and promotion via social media and want to spend the next year refining, improving, and deepening our marketing efforts. By continuing to improve our communications channels, I’ll help to drive support of YPT SF Bay, both through membership dollars and event turnout.

Additionally, my employer, Gensler, is a global architecture and design firm that is recently dedicated to expanding its planning and transportation practice. I believe I can provide a vital link between the design and engineering worlds by continuing to serve on the YPT board.

I look forward to discussing any questions you might have about the communications role and how I might approach it during the next board year. I can be reached at lxdlnbc@gmail.com. Thank you!

Amy Smith, Geospatial Data and Technology Specialist, Fehr & Peers
Also running for Vice Chair for Membership and Secretary
See above

Vice Chair for Membership: 3 candidates
Jaime Fearer, Planning & Policy Manager, California Walks
Earlier this year, I moved from Washington, DC to San Jose. In doing so, I transferred my YPT DC membership to the YPT SF Bay Chapter. I also transitioned from being a municipal community planner in Greenbelt, Maryland, to being an advocate planner for California Walks; my new position is specifically focused on pedestrian safety in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

My experience on non-profit boards—including the National Capital Area Chapter of the APA, my former DC neighborhood association, and a DC-based nonprofit serving adolescents in foster care—will be put to good use as a member of YPT SF’s 2014-2015 leadership team.

Both my move and career change have made clear the depth and breadth of the transportation planning community across the country. As Vice Chair for Membership, I would work to expand our chapter’s outreach across the Bay Area, focusing on additional recruitment strategies for the South Bay and East Bay. I would also work with the board to continue to broaden our membership in terms of individuals’ relationships with transportation. To effectively grow our base, we will reach out to more professionals and advocates in active transportation, as well as to those involved in land use, zoning, public health, economic development, and various other fields which all have an impact on, and are impacted by, transportation in the Bay Area. We will also be sure to continue to connect with like-minded organizations to engage and encourage new members and partnerships.

Zoe Hoster, Account Executive, Local Motion, Inc.
Also running for Secretary
See above

Amy Smith, Geospatial Data and Technology Specialist, Fehr & Peers
Also running for Vice Chair for Membership and Secretary
See above

Vice Chair for Programs: 1 candidate
William (Bill) Bacon, Policy and Financial Analyst, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Thanks for taking the time to read my candidate statement. My name is William (Bill) Bacon and I currently work as a Policy and Financial Analyst at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) where I work on various planning studies, the Regional Transportation Plan, as well as working with the Bay Area’s 25+ transit operators on the development of their annual budgets. Before coming to MTC earlier this year I had worked as a Transportation Planner for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) since early 2011.

I have been a member of YPT since the San Francisco Bay Chapter was founded back in 2012-13 and for the 2014-15 year I am seeking the support of the membership to serve on our chapter YPT Board as either Vice Chair for Programs or Vice Chair for Professional Development. The bread and butter of YPT are the great programs and events hosted by the organization throughout the year. Over the last two years YPT has become a key part of the transportation community in the Bay Area by bringing together transportation professionals at panel discussions, small group dinners, happy hours, and other social events. Through these events I have seen first hand how our professional community has grown stronger and more connected and how all of us as YPT members have been exposed to some of the latest trends impacting urban mobility. To our YPT chapter I bring my experience organizing events which I gained as the president of my undergraduate college within the University of Texas at Austin where I managed a large events budget and worked with my fair share of venue managers and catering companies. Over the next year in either position I look forward to working with the rest of the YPT Board to continue to host topical and exciting events and to build YPT as an organization by providing value to our members through education and social programs. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at williampbacon@gmail.com.

Vice Chair for Professional Development
Thaddeus Wozniak, Civil Engineer, CDM Smith
I am a native of the Midwest, and since graduating from MIT in 2006 have been growing my career in the Northern California transportation engineering industry. I’ve been fortunate to have had wide-ranging experiences, from a feasibility study for a new Bay Area transportation corridor (State Route 239) to construction documents and construction support for the BART Earthquake Safety Program, and many things in between.

The majority of my work has been on bus rapid transit (BRT) projects in the Bay Area on all levels; conceptual engineering, preliminary engineering, and final design. Learning about the benefits of BRT; flexibility, low cost, and all the other benefits associated with transit; as well as all the different aspects of constructing and implementing BRT has been fascinating. Contrary to public perception, these are not simple restriping projects.

I spent the first portion of 2013 working in Doha, Qatar. Designing and implementing transportation projects on a relatively blank slate was a very different experience from the current slate of projects in Northern California. Now that I am settled back in the Bay Area, I want to focus more on the community and what we can do to make this a better place by improving all forms of transportation.

The Bay Area has been a leader in innovation and technology, and should be at the forefront of transportation innovation as well. With that in mind, I would like to be more involved with YPT, bringing together the bright minds of the future planners, designers, and facilitators of the Bay Area’s transportation infrastructure. YPT is a great organization providing the impetus for sharing ideas and socialization amongst the Bay Area’s up and coming transportation professionals. As this first generation of YPT members move onward in their careers into influential positions, YTP should grow as well to provide the impetus for the implementation of a better transportation system. I look forward to the next phase of YPT in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to the opportunity to help in that growth.

Vice Chair for Sponsorship: 1 candidate
Ryan Croft, Cofounder and COO, TransitScreen
I’ve been an active, contributing member to YPT San Francisco since moving to the Bay Area a year and a half ago. I was lucky enough to participate as a panelist in the “Entrepreneurship in Transportation” event earlier this year at Code for America. My role as a transportation technology founder is a needed contrast to the heavy representation in the organization from engineering and transportation consultants. I have the unique ability to bridge the gap between these groups and the startup / open data community. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to run for this position and will willfully do anything asked of me if I am elected.

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