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The Young Professionals in Transportation Nashville chapter formed in August 2013. Our goal is to provide career guidance, fellowship, and networking opportunities for transportation professionals and students living or working in the Middle Tennessee region. Our inaugural board represents a diverse group of transportation professionals and we are looking forward to expanding our reach. If you are interested in helping establish our group in Nashville, please contact us at yptnashville@gmail.com.

Elections Coming in October!

All leadership positions will be open to elections in October.  Candidates must submit their intent to run, the position, and a candidate statement to yptnashville@gmail.com by September 17, 2014. Candidates must also be a member in good standing by September 24, have attended a minimum of two events, and have not been removed or resigned from a previous YPT Board position.

Board of Directors Positions

Chair: The Chair serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization with such powers and duties as articulated in the Chapter Bylaws.  The Chair will be responsible for day-to-day implementation of the policy and guidelines of the Chapter Board of Directors.  The Chair will preside over Chapter Board meetings, create and appoint members to committees, and act as chief official representative of YPT-Nashville.

Deputy Chair: The Deputy Chair helps coordinate activities involving all Directors and assists the Chair in his or her responsibilities.  In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair will act in the official capacity of the Chair and perform all duties of that office.

Vice Chair for Administration: The Vice Chair for Administration keeps records of all business and proceedings at Chapter Board meetings.  He or she will also prepare election documents and coordinate with the YPT International Vice Chair for Administration to manage the election process.

Vice Chair for Finance: The Vice Chair for Finance is responsible for the receipt of dues, and the safekeeping of funds, including the reporting of receipts, expenditures, and balances at the request of the Chapter Board.

Vice Chair for Programming: The Vice Chair for Programming is responsible for coordinating all speakers, dates and locations for the professional development programs and workshops, as well as organizing networking events.  He or she also coordinates with the Vice Chair for Communications regarding electronic communications to the membership about events and updating the website as needed.

Vice Chair for Membership: The Vice Chair for Membership is responsible for maintaining an active list of YPT Nashville members and coordinating with YPT International on the development of a shared membership list.  He or she is also responsible for recruiting members and friends through attending events to actively promote YPT Nashville as an organization, working with the Vice Chair for Programming to create a set of programs and events that encourage and attract membership, and develop new ways to increase participation.

Vice Chair for Communications: The Vice Chair for Communications is responsible for activities and communications that promote the organization tot he general public, and coordinate activities that facilitate and encourage communication among the members of YPT.  He or she is responsible for outreach to other Nashville area groups and coordination with their respective events.  He or she is also responsible for maintaining YPT Nashville media, including Facebook, Twitter, and website.

Vice Chair at Large: The Vice Chair at Large assists the Directors and serves as a general representative of the chapter membership.  The Vice Chair at Large is responsible for maintaining good relationships between the Nashville chapter and other YPT entities, such as YPT International and other chapters.  He or she will also coordinate activities and members outside of the immediate Nashville area around Middle Tennessee to promote regional development.

Vice Chair for Collegiates: The Vice Chair for Collegiates assists the Directors and serves as a general representative for collegiate members.  He or she is responsible for maintaining good relationships with the various colleges and universities in Middle Tennessee area and will coordinate activities and student members in transportaiton programs.


Our Board of Directors currently meets the first Monday of each month at 5:00 pm at Music City Central, 400 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37219.


Check out our Events & Activities page for monthly networking events or technical tours. We strive to provide monthly events that will be of both interest and benefit to our members and friends.  If you have any ideas or feedback that you would like to share, please feel free!

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YPT Nashville is sponsored locally by Transit Solutions Group | Lebanon, Tennessee



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