“Summer School” for Transportation Professionals in Helsinki

Helski Street
Integrated Land Use and Transportation in Helsinki (photo by fotoyong on Flickr)

Summer school is not just for students! The Aalto University in the Helsinki metropolitan region is hosting a one-week long intensive course summer school, aimed at mid-level managers and professionals in government and international institutions, consultants, and advanced graduate students. This year’s theme is “Land Use and Transportation”. With the help of world-class teachers and speakers, the program comprehensively covers topics such as parking, environmental justice, politics, public participation, and many others. The goal is to equip practitioners and students with various skills in integrated planning of transport and land use.

Since its inception in 2006, this “Summer Academy” has attracted approximately 250 participants world-wide. This year’s “academy” will take place August 12-16, 2013. The registration, now open, and other information about the schedule and fee can be found by going to the University’s website. Scholarships are available for graduate students. The location is the modern Aalto University Campus in Espoo, a beautiful suburb of Helsinki just 9 km from the city center with easy express bus access. You are invited to take advantage of this excellent learning and networking opportunity.

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