DC Event: Transportation Planning Board Community Leadership Institute

What is the Community Leadership Institute (CLI)?

CLI is an education program that encourages successful community leaders to get involved in transportation-related decision making at all levels

What do participants learn?

Over the course of three interconnected workshops, participants learn how, where, and when transportation decisions are made in the Washington re-gion. Sessions include information about the various planning processes at the state, regional, and local levels.
The CLI uses case studies and interactive group activities to emphasize key themes for successful involvement in decision-making. Experiential learning activities provide basic information on regional planning procedures and illus-trate how transportation projects can either be propelled forward or stalled by such factors as funding availability and political circumstances.
CLI participants also learn to connect the interests of their local communities with the planning issues facing the entire metropolitan Washington region by learning more about the relationship between land use, jobs, housing, and transportation. The CLI will be facilitated by former TPB Chair Kathy Porter, who currently serves on the WMATA Board of Directors and previously served as Mayor of Takoma Park, Maryland.

Who Participates?

The TPB is committed to investing in the knowledge of community leaders across the region. Interested candidates should submit a statement of interest that includes name, home jurisdiction, recent community leadership experience, reason for interest, how they heard about CLI, and contact information to dbilek@mwcog.org by March 31, 2013. Approximately 20 individuals will be invited to register for the CLI. Participants comprise a comprehensive group that is representative of the mosaic of interests and geographical diversity within the region. Elected officials from throughout the region, as well as inter-est groups, are invited to nominate individuals for upcoming sessions. Graduates of the CLI, who stay connected with each other through the CLI Alumni Network, are also encouraged to nominate individuals for upcoming sessions.

For more information: contact Deborah Kerson Bilek at dbilek@mwcog.org or 202-962-3317


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