Welcome YPT Phoenix!

Phoenix Light Rail bridge going over Tempe Town Lake, the reservoir for the Salt River (photo by Alan Stark)
Phoenix Light Rail bridge going over Tempe Town Lake, the reservoir for the Salt River (photo by Alan Stark)
As recently announced, YPT has grown over the past month, most notably with the addition of Phoenix. It is incredible to see YPT growing so quickly and having YPT chapters popping up all over the country, each with its unique range of transportation options. For the newest city, Phoenix is the 6th most populous city in the nation and covers a whopping 520 square miles with 4800 miles of road. And that’s just the city! Although the auto-centric nature of the Valley of the Sun, combined with the already hot climate of the region, makes the heat island effect a real concern, there are efforts to guide the region toward a more balanced transportation network. Valley Metro currently provides the region’s public transportation and has recently built a light rail system, METRO. The city was also ranked as the 15th most bicycle friendly city.

A few fun facts you may not have known about Phoenix:

•The last mile of coast-to-coast I-10 was delayed until 1990 because of resistance from Phoenix.

•Downtown Phoenix’s buildings are notably shorter than most downtowns’ skyscrapers because of its proximity to SkyHarbor International Airport and FAA flight path concerns.

•Phoenix’s brand new SkyTrain people mover at the Phoenix airport is currently the only train in the world that passes over an active taxiway.

•Phoenix’s four-year-old METRO Rail has the 7th highest ridership per mile amongst the nation’s light rail systems.

•Phoenix’s canal system was originated by the Hohokam Indians who lived here for a millennium, but mysteriously disappeared around the year 1450.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Phoenix a little bit better though these fun facts, and hopefully visiting it soon (if you’re not from there already)!


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