DC Residents – Smart Growth America wants to hear from you!

Smart Growth America, a national NGO dedicated to helping more places have strong neighborhoods and strong economies, is launching a new venture focused on urban living. We want to talk to people who want to talk about how to make it easier, cheaper and more fun to live in the city, and what it would mean to be a part of a growing movement of people who want to make a difference in the city together.
We are looking for people 25-40 years old who live in DC to talk with us about life in the city, services they use, and what might be missing.
If people want to participate, they can contact either Ilana Preuss (ipreuss@smartgrowthamerica.org) or Russ Brooks (russ.brooks@t4america.org). The interview will be for 30 minutes and take place at NRDC.

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