TRB Call for Posters: FRESH IDEAS for Statewide Transportation Planning

Transportation planning is evolving due to demographics and economic changes, new technologies and data, and shifting policy priorities. Buzzwords like “performance-based”, “operations”, “fiscally constrained”, “sustainability”, or “livability” illustrate the new frontiers for planning. How can transportation planners adjust methods and messages as they prepare statewide transportation plans? The TRB Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning Committee (ADA10) is now accepting abstracts for poster presentation at the TRB 2014 Annual Meeting. The Committee would like you to share “fresh ideas” for conducting statewide multimodal transportation planning functions in a performance-based environment, with an emphasis on creative uses of data and technology. We seek low-cost, easy to implement, transferable ideas concerning topics like:

  • How can planners use existing data sources (either traditional or non-traditional) to create meaningful performance measures or communicate complex ideas related to congestion, reliability, freight, economic return on investment, sustainability, etc.?
  • How can technology help us engage more effectively and efficiently with…
    • Internal staff?
    • The public?
    • Decision-makers?
    • Partner agencies?
    • The private sector?
    • Researchers?
    • Interest groups? Etc.
    • Are there collaboration tools or methods from other disciplines or countries that statewide transportation planning partners could adapt?

The goal of this call is to stimulate creative thinking, dialog, and collaboration so feel free to share ideas that you’ve recently implemented or would like to refine or adapt. Accepted presenters will have the opportunity to discuss these “fresh ideas” with a diverse audience during the poster session.

Submitting an entry
Who is the audience? State DOTs and MPOs
What qualifies? “Fresh ideas” for conducting statewide multimodal transportation planning in a performance-based environment, with an emphasis on creative uses of data and technology.
Who can submit an entry? Individual practitioners, agencies, researchers, consultants, students, etc. All submissions must address statewide transportation planning, but you need not be a planner to submit!
What are the submission requirements? Click here for the 2013 Fresh Ideas Submission Form. Submissions will not be accepted in a different format.
When are entries due? September 15, 2013
For questions: Contact Elise Barrella at or John Kaliski at Please copy “TRB Statewide Planning Fresh Ideas” into your subject line.

Review Process
All abstracts submitted by September 15 will be reviewed by a group of Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning Committee members and friends. Following review of all abstracts, the committee will notify primary authors of their selection status in early October. Applicants whose abstracts are accepted for poster presentation must provide a draft mock-up of the poster for general comment by no later than Sunday, December 1, 2013, although a final submittal is not necessary until the actual date of the poster session. Draft posters that do not match the submitted abstract will not be scheduled for the poster session. Please follow the Suggestions from Poster Authors, Viewers, and Other Conferences  section of the “Meet the Author Poster Session Guidelines” available on the TRB website for full details and instructions

The top entries will be showcased in a poster session at the TRB 93rd Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. (January 12-16, 2014) and shared on the committee website. The three entries judged to be most innovative and implementable will also be featured at the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning Committee meeting during the conference.

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