US DOT Prepares 30-Year Transportation Vision Plan: YPT Input Encouraged

On October 30, YPT and the Young Members Council of the Transportation Research Board held an event with the US DOT to discuss the Department’s vision for the future.  The DOT is in the process of writing a 30-year vision document and wants to receive input and feedback from our generation, the professionals who will be responsible for the system’s continued operation, maintenance and expansion in coming decades.  Information about the plan and its development can be found at

The event was held at US DOT headquarters in Washington, DC and simultaneously streamed across the country.  Nearly one hundred people attended in person, some coming from places as far as New York, New Jersey and Texas.  Another 284 viewed the DOT’s remarks virtually and provided live feedback via online chats.

The US DOT began the discussion with remarks from Peter Rogoff, the Under Secretary for Policy, expressing his enthusiasm for the next generation’s involvement in shaping the Department’s vision.  Rebecca Higgins, a transportation policy analyst, continued by providing an overview of trends expected to continue and shape the nationwide evolution of the transportation network, including economic, demographic and urbanization trends (view the full discussion here).  Members of the audience, both those in person and those attending virtually, provided their thoughts on the outlined trends and other considerations.

The development of this 30-year vision is ongoing, and the DOT is encouraging additional thoughts and viewpoints.  Anyone who wishes to share their perspective with the DOT is encouraged to send an email to

Another opportunity for YPT members and friends to provide input will be at the upcoming TRB Annual Meeting by attending the following session:

Monday, January 12, 2015, 1:30pm- 3:15pm
U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx’s 30 Year Plan: A Framework for the Future
Anthony Foxx, United States Secretary of Transportation
Sponsored by Committee on TRB Executive (E0000)

Secretary Foxx unveils USDOT’s efforts over the past year to create a comprehensive long-term transportation plan. Rapid and profound technological and demographic change may soon fundamentally alter our transportation infrastructure. America has always sought to tackle the challenges of pushing mobility and infrastructure limits ahead of a growing nation. A panel of industry thought leaders will aim to provoke a frank conversation among the users, developers, managers and public officials.

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