Duties:  Research and provide recommendations to senior Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Branch’s staff regarding potential changes to AIP guidance.

Provide support in developing training materials and providing clarification to field offices regarding AIP guidance, policy and procedures. This includes supporting standard operating procedure development; providing guidance on Buy American compliance and related procurement issues.

Provide analysis and direction for the implementation of Airport Improvement Program (AIP), to include responding to procurement issues and provide regional guidance on handling bid protests and evaluating new technology for AIP eligibility.

Provide guidance on construction project management, associated grant administration requirements and assist in resolving technical issues related to AIP projects.

Examine and perform necessary calculations of annual legislative authorization and appropriation proposals to ensure statutory requirements are satisfied and agency program goals can be accomplished.

Prepare written responses to stakeholders including airport sponsors, consultants, contractors, the general public and Congressional inquiries on the implementation of the AIP.

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