NYC Internship Opportunity: Subway Performance Support Aide at MTA

The Performance Analysis Unit (PAU) is an entirely new group with NYC’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). This group was created to improve the performance of the subway system, as a whole, while remaining close to day-to-day operations. PAU specializes in adhoc studies and analyses typically in response to performance problems that the operating divisions cannot explain. They also use databases, site visits, and interviews to determine the cause(s). Where possible, they make recommendations and assist with implementation, support operations by collecting and reporting performance data, help operating divisions identify performance indicators and set targets, and evaluate high priority initiatives and pilot projects.

Project Responsibilities

There are three positions available, and the assignment of projects (described below) will be based on individual’s interests and qualifications. Applicants need not be interested in every project.

  • Assist in building and populating a performance database for Subways dashboard web application.
  • Identify and format relevant data from across the Transit Authority and develop the workflow to populate the centralized database with current and historic information.
  • Automate official performance reporting for PERS (Performance Evaluation and Review), the monthly goals report, and other reports.
  • Assist with ongoing efforts to understand and explain recent and long term changes in service performance, especially through the quantification of the impact of various causes of delays.
  • Automate the calculation of financial key performance indicators and assist other studies and analyses related to CoMET (Community of Metros, an international rapid transit benchmarking group).
  • Assist other special projects and analyses as necessary.

PAU seeks individuals:

  • Interested in rapid transit
  • Able to work creatively and independently
  • In a graduate program
  • With excellent inductive and deductive reasoning skills

Preferred (not required) Qualifications

  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel, including VBA macros
  • Experience in database design and maintenance; integrating/consolidating existing databases
  • Knowledge of relational databases and querying languages
  • Proficiency in MS Access
  • Experience analyzing large data sets
  • Experience with dashboards and visual presentation of data
  • MS PowerPoint and graphic presentation skills
  • Experience with regression analyses and basic statistical concepts
  • Knowledge of web development

For additional information, click here and look for posting DOS-630-CA. The deadline for the application submission is February 28, 2015. Click here to apply.

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