Internship and Job Opportunities with Houston METRO

Houston METRO is looking to fill some full-time positions and summer internships. Instructions for applying are available by visiting


Job Title: Transit Planner II – Service Planning (Job #: 3300)

Basic Functions:

This position assists in the program analysis, development and strategic planning of service plans for new routes and modifications to existing routes to improve productivity, provides assistance in responding to issues and information requests from the public, local, and government agencies, and assists in the collaborative and independent preparation of required technical support documentation and presentation materials. This position also attends meetings with the public and local agencies and performs duties in a safe efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable rules and safety procedures.

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Plans and recommends implementation of new and/or restructured regional transit services
  • Assist the agency in its efforts to maintain Title VI compliance
  • Conducts required background research and data collection to support recommendations for new service, service modifications, and service discontinuations
  • Presents findings and recommendations to METRO staff and/or outside agencies
  • Provides staff support and coordinates on various projects with other divisions
  • Participates in meetings with governmental and non-governmental agencies on transit related subjects
  • Assists with departmental efforts to develop materials to communicate and implement transit service
  • Responds to customer comments and/or requests regarding transit services
  • Performs related duties, as assigned

Minimum Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Transportation Planning, Public Administration, Urban Planning or a related field; Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum two years of experience in transit planning and technical data analysis
  • Ability to interpret technical data
  • Knowledge of transit system operation procedures and statistics
  • Strong communication (written/verbal) skills
  • Working knowledge of PC’s and related software: MS Office and ArcGIS software
  • Bilingual (Spanish) preferred

Job Title: Senior Transit Planner (Job #: 3332)

Basic Functions:

This position coordinates the identification and conceptual development of capital facilities and capital improvements and serves as project manager for planning studies, as well as for FTA environmental studies.

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Serves as Project Manager for METRO’s planning studies
  • Coordinates initial definition and conceptual planning/design of capital projects
  • Prepares project justifications and presentations for specific capital projects
  • Assist in agency grant writing efforts
  • Responsible for coordination of the authority’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
  • Serves as Project Manager for FTA required environmental studies for major METRO projects
  • Manages consultant contracts, including scopes of work, prepares project milestones, and delegates work assignments to consultants and in-house staff
  • Coordinates planning activities with area associations, community groups, local and state agencies, and special interest groups
  • Conducts presentations on METRO’s activities to outside groups
  • Prepares administrative and technical reports on new or existing projects, programs and policies
  • Reviews and analyzes data on economic, social, and physical factors affecting the development of the regional transit system
  • Responds to public, senior staff and Board Member inquiries
  • Responsible for managing project budgets
  • Familiarity with new guidance on FTA Title VI Civil Rights Requirements
  • Performs other duties, as assigned

Minimum Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, Urban Design, Transportation or a related field, Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of five (5) years experience in planning and technical analysis
  • Knowledge of transportation and transit planning, knowledge of socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the area
  • Project management, coordination, analysis, and presentation skills
  • Computer skills to include all of MS Office software, use of word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics software
  • Ability to use GIS preferred
  • Familiarity with architectural concepts, land use planning, ridership analysis and traffic analysis useful
  • Must have excellent verbal and writing skills
  • Must have very good presentation skills
  • AICP is desired but not required

Internship Opportunity – Service Planning (Job #: 3311)

Basic Functions:

Service Planning (SP) staff perform quality control on multiple print and electronic media prior to implementation of System Reimagining. The quality control may include site visits to bus stops, transit centers, and Park & Ride lots, review of technological tools for customer understanding and print materials.

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Learn existing routes including bus stops and transfer points
  • Learn new routes and schedules including bus stops and transfer points
  • Conduct site visits to bus stops, transit centers, and Park & Ride lots as needed
  • Document findings of site visits
  • Review technological tools
  • Document findings of review, conduct follow-ups, review print materials including public guides and activity center maps and document findings of review
  • Assist with focus group(s), discussions regarding print material as needed
  • Prepare draft and final consolidated report
  • Assist in other projects associated with planning, as needed

Internship Opportunity – Ridership Analysis and Service Evaluation (Job #: 3313)

Basic Functions:

Ridership Analysis and Service Evaluation (RASE) staff have produced a series of annual activity center matrices for the major activity center (downtown) as well as all secondary activity centers (Energy Corridor, Greenspoint, Greenway, Texas Medical Center, Uptown, Westchase). The activity center matrices provide ridership data by route by street, by bus stop and include charts, tables, and maps along with text to allow for an understanding of METRO’s ridership in each of these areas. In FY2014, RASE retained an intern to develop an activity matrix for Uptown and begin an activity center matrix for the Central Business District (CBD) for FY2015.

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Extract raw data from MobileStatistics software package
  • Create tables of boarding and alighting data for designated geographic area (Excel)
  • Compile data by bus route, by street, by bus stops
  • Create graphs showing ridership by bus route and street
  • Develop statistical comparison to historical activity centers
  • Plot ridership data on map (ArcInfo) – Optional
  • Prepare draft and final reports
  • Compile back-up data as attachment in report
  • Assist in other projects associated with ridership, as needed

Internship Opportunity – System Planning & Development (Job #: 3312)

Basic Functions:

The internship position would provide planning support to staff currently working on METRO capital projects and METRO planning initiatives. The Planning intern would conduct research, compile information, provide support to project managers, and coordinate with other METRO departments and agencies to implement the preparation of current and accurate reports including monthly, quarterly and progress reports and other FTA reporting as needed.

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Planning support regarding P&R environmental clearance activities for FTA submittal
  • Provide support in preparing major program studies including environmental documents
    QA/QC draft document submittals
  • Assist staff with planning research
  • Assist with preparing with presentations to present detailed information to the public
  • Provide support to project managers for transit projects by assisting with scopes of work
  • Support project manager in the Transit Oriented Development and Bike & Ride initiatives
  • Assist with conducting research and compiling information to respond to public inquiries as well as senior staff or Board inquiries
  • Conducts background research, data collection and conclusions for technical environmental areas assigned
  • Provide support for the preparation of state and federal grants
  • Provide support to the refinement and implementation of the METRO’s Long Range Plan

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