Internships, YPT NYC Chapter

NYC Internship Opportunities with the NYC Transit Department

Division of Operating Analytics
Position Title: Operating Analytics Support Aide
Positions Available: 4

The New York City Transit Department of Subways has positions open for both full- and part-time summer internships and part-time internships during the school year. Interested applicants must apply through their school’s career services and on the New York City Transit Website: (Project Number DOS-628-CA).

Overview of Department:

Department of Subways delivers over 5 million rides a day through an organization of 27,000 employees. Operations Support is dedicated to providing Subways employees the tools they need to do their jobs in a safe, efficient and effective manner. As part of Operations Support, Operating Analytics works with the Department of Subways multiple divisions to refine business practices and facilitate the implementation of data driven process improvements. The unit works with operational managers throughout the Department of Subways to provide analytic support and develop cost effective plans to meet objectives.

Project Responsibilities:

As part of the Operating Analytics group candidates will work on analytical and business process improvement projects to support various Divisions throughout the Department of Subways including Service Delivery and Maintenance of Way.

Specific activities could include business process mapping, analysis of operating data, budget development of proposed solutions, interviewing managers to capture details of operations, developing creative proposals to improve operations and working with cross departmental teams to tackle
organizational challenges.

Qualification Background:

  • Current enrollment in masters or baccalaureate degree in Engineering, Business, Transportation, Public Administration or quantitative related fields with strong academic performance
  • Strong analytical and quantitative ability
  • Fluency with MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint and other analytical and communications tools
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work and deliver under demanding timelines
  • Interest and knowledge in Transportation Planning and Operations (preferred)


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