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Boston Chapter Participates in Transportation Camp

Boston Photo 1

On April 11th, YPT Boston took part in the 2nd Annual Transportation Camp New England hosted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  300 enthusiastic transportation professionals, programmers, enthusiasts and students joined together to make this “unconference” a huge success.

The event started out with an icebreaker where each and every attendee went around the room introducing themselves and providing just three words describing why there were there or what they were all about.  Some were thoughtful, while others were comical.  Following this, the attendees created their own conference topics and put them up on a big idea wall.  Many of these were innovative, thought provoking and relevant to Boston’s current transportation issues.  Some of the topics included the future of drones, autonomous vehicles, and envisioning Boston’s transportation system in 2030 and 2050. Most sessions were collaborative and discussion based.  Other topics included bike sharing, mapping transportation data, and community paths, among others. Many YPT members participated in this daylong event.Boston Photo 2

YPT Boston hosted a happy hour following the event at a local bar, drawing over 100 conference goers to socialize, continue discussing the day’s topics, and learn more about what YPT is all about. Some YPT members from other cities even made the trek to Boston for the day’s events!

After witnessing all the passionate people at this event it is hard not to be motivated and excited about the future of transportation field.  The success of the day’s events is another accomplishment for the YPT Boston chapter.  YPT Boston continues to grow and provide young transportation professionals with the best opportunities to grow themselves professionally and personally.


David Moyer, E.I.T.
YPT Boston 
Vice Chair for Programs 



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