DC Job Alert: Program Specialist with AASHTO

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is currently hiring a Program Specialist for the Multistate Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP),  located in Washington, DC.

Nature of the Position:

Under the supervision of the Senior Program Manager for Aviation, Passenger Rail Transportation and Public Transportation, the Program Specialist is responsible for providing transit-related technical assistance to the member state departments of transportation (state DOTs) under MTAP. The incumbent is responsible for executing the Work Program, which is annually developed by the MTAP Steering Committee with input from member states.

The incumbent coordinates communication for MTAP members through preparation of quarterly newsletter and announcements/alerts as needed, maintenance of the website including update and maintenance of the state directory, and administration of monthly steering committee conference calls. In addition, the Program Specialist supports MTAP’s technical activities in coordination with external partner organizations including the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Transportation Research Board (TRB), and through internal collaboration with various AASHTO committees such as the Standing Committees on Public Transportation, Planning, Rail, and Performance Management.

The Program Specialist is responsible for ensuring robust membership recruitment, renewal, and satisfaction by developing membership kits, conducting satisfaction surveys, and administering travel and logistics for two national conferences and other meetings with input and assistance from the MTAP Steering Committee. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for monitoring the MTAP program budget to ensure expenditures do not exceed budgeted revenue and ensuring budgeted revenues from membership dues and meetings are realized.

The Program Specialist is responsible for managing the use of individual state Travel Accounts, which entails reviewing member states’ travel requests to confirm that requests do not exceed each state’s currently available balance and processing reimbursement of incurred expenses. In addition, the incumbent supports the MTAP leadership through administrative support to the MTAP Steering Committee (including the Chair and Co-Chair) and taking a lead role in monitoring and advancing the MTAP work program.

Additional activities may be assigned by the Senior Program Manager for Aviation, Rail Passenger Transportation and Public Transit and/or by the Policy Director as necessary. The Program Specialist also receives direction from the MTAP leadership and ensures responsiveness to members’ needs.

Position Requirements:

The incumbent must possess excellent written and oral communication, research, and analysis skills; the ability to establish work program priorities and carry them out independently; and be familiar with the fundamentals of project management and budgeting. The incumbent must be sensitive to the needs of multiple members and customers, and have a general understanding of federal and state transportation policies, regulations, procedures and practices.

Additionally, the incumbent must be highly skilled in the use of computers, and proficient in word processing software packages with experience in graphics, spreadsheets, and the operation of conventional business equipment.

A minimum of two to three years of experience working for a state DOT transit agency, Federal Transit Administration, or public transit organization is desired; however comparable transportation experience at the federal, state or local level is acceptable. A Bachelor of Arts or Science degree is required, preferably in urban planning, public policy, public administration, or another transportation related field. Evidence of a higher degree of professional development, such as a postgraduate education, is desirable.

To Apply:

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to recruiter@aashto.org by Wednesday, June 24. For more information about the position, click here.


AASHTO is an equal opportunity employer.

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