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NYC Job Alert: Analyst and Internship Positions at MTA New York City Transit – Recovery & Resiliency group and Rail Control Center

MTA New York City Transit is recruiting for an additional Recovery and Resiliency Fellow to join the Recovery & Resiliency group in the Department of Subways (DOS). This group exists to facilitate rapid delivery, maximize value, minimize customer and operational impact, and ensure transparency and accountability of our multi-billion dollar investment program to recover from Sandy and mitigate future extreme events. This position is a full-time paid analyst position.

Work in this group includes developing and implementing strategy and providing analytical, coordination, and project management services to various divisions within the Department of Subways (and to a limited degree other capital planning and program management departments).   Specific activities could include developing and populating innovative reporting and transparency tools, liaising with affected operating and planning groups to ensure thorough project coordination, developing strategies and tools to mitigate customer impact of the investment program, authoring capital project proposals and master plans, and evaluating and prioritizing individual projects within the investment program.

For more information and to apply, click here. Job ID is 82554. Last day to apply is Monday, August 10.

New York City Transit is also hiring two Advanced Service Initiatives (ASI) Support Aides to serve as interns in the Rail Control Center. As a member of ASI, the college aide will be responsible for working independently and with teammates on a variety of high-profile initiatives. Current ASI efforts include delivering real-time service information to DOS personnel and customers, integrating situational awareness systems, and analyzing the human capital impacts of large-scale DOS projects. Likely tasks include concept of operations writing, management and transportation best practice identification, and field- and office-based research in support of the aforementioned processes. Throughout these efforts, the college aide will be expected to identify opportunities for efficiency and other strategic improvements.

You must be enrolled in a master’s or bachelor’s program to apply. For more information on how to apply, click here.


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