YPT Transportation Edition of Cards Against Urbanity – Need Your Ideas!!

YPT is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with GreaterPlaces on a transportation-themed expansion deck to the card game Cards Against Urbanity!! This is an exciting opportunity and we need your help coming up with card ideas!!

If you are not familiar, it is a hilarious and educational urban planning-themed version of the hit card game Cards Against Humanity. You can read more about Cards Against Urbanity here and download/print your own set for free here.

Over the course of the next several months (through May 3, 2016), we are looking for transportation professionals to submit ideas for question and answer cards. You can send these to us on Twitter by using the hashtag #YPTCards or by email at cards@yptransportation.org. You can send them to us all at once, sporadically in the middle of the night if you wake up with a brilliant card idea, or if you are out at a pub with your colleagues and think of something clever. We will also be making a ‘cardsplanations’ sheet to accompany the expansion pack, so we may reach out to you to get an explanation or clarification of your card idea.

We welcome any and all ideas for question and answer cards, especially those that are funny, creative, witty, odd, or include the names of well-known people, places, technical concepts, or other things that are unique to the transportation industry. To keep the entire card game balanced we will select a number of non-transportation ideas – so feel free to send us anything planning-related, city-related, timely in pop culture or involving the election (Donald Trump’s toupee or Larry David impersonations anyone?) – get creative, nothing is off-limits!  Later in the spring we will put together a group of YPT Members to go through all of the submissions and pick out the best 300-400 cards, maybe more depending on the number of submissions. We will then officially release the YPT Transportation Edition deck at an event during the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA in August.

The Transportation Edition deck will be made available for free on our website so you can print it at home along with the base game. We will also make available for purchase a glossy cardstock decks.

We appreciate your help and hope you find this another fun reason to be a Member or Friend of Young Professionals in Transportation!

Ready. Set. Go…. #YPTCards

YPTers enjoying a game of Cards Against Urbanity at TransportationCampDC 2016.


Photos from Twitter, courtesy of @bryan_in_dc (left) and @dctransitnerd (right)

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