Bridge Intelligence Wins TRB Six Minute Pitch

Bridge Intelligence won this year’s “Six Minute Pitch” competition with their revolutionary 3D mobile bridge inspection app, InspectX. Bridge Intel logoHooman Parvardeh, co-founder and managing director of Bridge Intelligence, made the pitch for InspectX to a standing-room-only crowd at a special session of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting. Hooman says he was inspired to create InspectX after observing outdated and inefficient practices in the bridge inspection industry, with a goal to “help the bridge industry catch up to speed with high quality and user-friendly software.” InspectX has the potential to make bridge inspection both more accurate and efficient. 
Bridge Intel presentation photo

According to Hooman, “the feedback that we received from judges was invaluable,” particularly validation of their business model. Based on feedback from the judges, Bridge Intelligence expanded their target market to include consulting firms, hoping for faster technology transfer. Looking ahead, Bridge Intelligence plans to promote InspectX in future conferences and seek feedback from their target market. They are already in “full sale mode” and offering early adoption discounts to their first customers.

This was the fifth consecutive year of the Six Minute Pitch, which is sponsored by the TRB Young Member’s Council. The competition gives four entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their new transportation technology product or service in six minutes to a panel of transportation industry entrepreneurs and investors. Pitch presenters are judged on the commercial feasibility of their proposal, the demonstration of how the proposed product or service brings transportation research into practice, and how the proposal contributes to meeting one of today’s critical transportation challenges. This year’s panel included Jessica Robinson of Ford Smart Mobility, Emily Castor of Lyft, David Zipper of 1776, and Chris Thomas of Fontinalis Partners.  For details on the Six Minute Pitch and to start planning ahead for your pitch in 2018, please visit

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