DC Job Alert: Lead Business Strategy Analyst

This position is located in Washington, DC

Position Overview

This position leads the Service Planning & Costing group’s efforts to clearly communicate our route and service financial evaluations, analysis, and state payment forecasts to a broad range of audiences, both internal and external. The position is the primary support to the Senior Manager and Director in working with the State Supported Service Committee through the State Corridors Service Line and other Amtrak departments in evaluating and applying revisions to the PRIIA 209 Cost Methodology and application to state corridor service plans and capital investment plans.

This position conducts analysis and evaluations as required for route and service change proposals, service and asset line plans, and Staff Summaries. The incumbent communicates the results and basis used to develop financial forecasts.The position also serves as financial lead for state supported routes in designated region, preparing annual forecasts and service change evaluations.

Essential Functions

  • State Supported Service Cost Methodology – Develop processes, protocols and systems for effective ongoing communication among and between the State-Amtrak Intercity Passenger Rail Committee (SAIPRC) and Amtrak, and to facilitate alignment between SAIPRC and Amtrak plans and initiatives. Lead Amtrak’s Route Planning & Forecasting efforts resulting from work with the SAIPRC in implementing and further developing cost allocation policies, principles and practices as required by and in accordance with PRIIA Section 209 and other legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Route and Service Change Analysis – Structures evaluations for requests of varying detail depending upon information provided by requestor, which may involve leading the development of service assumptions (schedules, consist, staffing, amenities, etc..) and defining alternatives for evaluation. Coordinates and documents assumptions for proposed service changes with other Amtrak departments to ensure proposals accurately reflect realistic operating practices and vetting by Amtrak regional staff. Communicating Results – Designs templates and displays necessary to clearly communicate complex information, including evaluations of multiple alternatives and impacts to Amtrak and external partners. Develops and delivers recommendations and supporting analyses for service change requests and state corridor funding requirements. Document control – Establish and maintain standards for all Service Planning & Costing staff, for document style, retention, and filing.
  • Business Line Support – Supports Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Service Line by developing forecasts and evaluations for the designated region and represents Finance in meetings with external stakeholders, including communicating forecast and evaluation results to high-level stakeholders. Supports other business lines by leveraging cost modeling, pricing, and financial systems knowledge to provide analytical support as needed. Position may provide validation and alternative evaluations of externally produced forecasts, including multi-year forecasts for the NEC NextGen and other long-term, capital-intensive projects.
  • State Supported Service Estimates – Develops cost estimates for state partners funding state supported train services for a designated region(s).
  • Shared functions and expenses – Performs analyses of functions and activities that result in significant costs that are allocated to routes and services. The focus of these analyses is to suggest areas and strategies for cost reduction that would benefit all services, but not any analysis that would merely suggest reallocation among services.

For more information and to see the full job posting, visit Amtrak’s career website.

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