Missouri Job Alert: Policy and Innovation Program Manager

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
The work location for this position can be at any MoDOT office (Kansas City, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Springfield, Hannibal, St. Joseph, or Sikeston)

Position Overview

The policy and innovation program manager manages projects and research focusing on innovation in technology,funding, and policy development.

•  Develops and maintains a statewide program of innovations in program delivery, including coordinating with staff to identify, develop, and facilitate innovative options.

• Assists the division director in promoting the division’s programs, and driving and communicating results; represents the department in state and local technical meetings and research panels on policy and innovation programs.

• Works with statewide teams to develop statewide and local-level policy and innovation projects; identifies empirical trends and policy implications of innovative projects and programs and incorporates into project plans, working papers, and published materials.

• Writes, summarizes, and edits research findings and analyses into narrative and/or graphic form to be incorporated into discussion papers, surveys, and other publications and social media; reviews and edits work from team members and external contributors.

• Assists in writing proposals for future projects and grant applications submitted to federal agencies; develops Requests for Proposals for project and program deliverables for contractors, vendors, and consultants.

• Presents research and policy findings to internal and external partners, the general public, and media; authors a newsletter of division activities and program status updates.

• Collects, compiles, and summarizes trends and policy developments for presentation to internal and external stakeholders, including state legislative committees, university research panels, and private sector partners.

• Develops relationships with peer staff at government agencies and other organizations; builds and maintains a network with policy and research partners, internal planning partners, and external community stakeholders.

• Maintains knowledge of policy developments at the federal, state, and local levels in transportation and innovative policy.

• Performs supervisory responsibilities in a manner consistent with the department’s Affirmative Action Plan.

• Performs other responsibilities as required or assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree: Economics, Engineering (Civil, Industrial, or Mechanical), Logistics, Planning, Political Science, Public Administration, Statistics, or related. Eight years of experience in transportation or policy development and administration.

For more information and to see the full job posting, visit MoDOT’s career website.

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