August 2022 Jobs: Transit App (Multiple)

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Many thanks to our Sponsor, Transit, for their support!

Next stop: Transit HQ

Every day, millions of people rely on our app to get around their cities. That’s because our team makes the experience of riding transit more seamless than ever, with a combination of high-quality data, great design, and thoughtful features. We’re looking for clever, city-minded individuals to help make Transit shine even brighter.

Our Purpose

We’re building the killer app for urban transportation. When we succeed, it means eliminating the need to own a car. By making public transit simpler, and alternative modes more accessible, we facilitate billions of car-free trips. As we grow our team, we’ll facilitate billions more. Our cities need saving. Come be their champion.

Urbanist Heaven

We’re city people. Each of us is driven by a passion to make cities feel more intimate, richer, accessible, empathetic. Help us unlock their potential.

All that power.

Like a real-life SimCity, your decisions will affect millions. Whether it’s launching a new city. Adding a new mode. Optimizing our trip planner. Or painting prettier transit maps. What’s your big idea for Transit?


Monthly transit and BIXI bikeshare passes (obv.) 5 weeks vacation, health benefits, dental benefits… the standard startup accoutrements. Just don’t ask about free parking 😉

We Love Montreal

Poutine. Bagels. Habs. Tams. Leonard Cohen. All that and more, in North America’s safest, most affordable, friendliest, bilingual-est big city. PS: this will be the view from your new office. 😱

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