YPT Global Transportation Priorities: Autonomous Vehicles in the 21st Century

Autonomous Vehicles and the Futureof Global Sustainable MobilityImmediate Release Mar 10, 2022 Contact: Info@yptransportation.org & Chair@yptransportation.orgYoung Professionals in Transportation International  Young Professionals in Transportation International Launches the YPT Global Transportation Priorities (GTP) Series to Start a Global Conversation on Autonomous Vehicles for Young Professionals in the 21st CenturyA flagship event will kick off the GTP Series with [...]

Tackling Traffic Congestion, Innovative Financing in Transportation Panel

Please join the faculty of the Transportation, Policy, Operations and Logistics (TPOL) masters program in the School of Policy, Government and International Affairs (SPGIA) at George Mason University for a panel discussion on “hot” topics in transportation: Tackling Traffic Congestion, Innovative Financing in Transportation: Public-Private Partnerships, Sensing Transportation Through New Sources of Big Data and […]

U.S. DOT’s 2015 Champions of Change

Major trends are shaping the future of our transportation systems.  Our population is growing and aging. Our legacy transit systems need more attention every day.  Our roads and runways face increasing congestion. America’s way of life and continued economic growth depend on meeting these challenges, so this October, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the […]

NU Freight Transportation Exec. Program: Securing Capacity in a Dynamic Industry

In the current business environment operators and their customers are experiencing a capacity constrained global market and rising cost structures. In this dynamic situation, freight transportation and logistics decisions must be managed with regard to pricing, service, access, mode selection, and contractual arrangements. Strategies for success for both the transportation buyers and sellers must continually […]