DC/Baltimore Area Event Alert: UMD’s Advanced Transportation Technologies Event – Thursday, August 28

UMD’s upcoming Advanced Transportation Technologies event is taking place in College Park, Md. on the morning of Aug. 28.

This event will feature UMD’s first-ever Labor Day weekend traffic forecast (issued by their Center of Advanced Transportation Technology Lab). Even more, each of their three labs will speak to their specific capabilities and major projects, ranging from traffic visualization and data fusion integration, to emergency preparedness/evacuation routes and innovative intersection design for congestion mitigation. The event will be attended by media and the general public, as well as regional alumni working in transportation/transportation engineering.

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Mobility Matters Winter/Spring 2014 Issue is Online!

Click the picture to read the latest issue of Mobility Matters

YPT is happy to announce that the latest installment of our magazine, Mobility Matters, is online.  Some topics/articles covered in this Winter/Spring 2014 issue include:

  • YPT Innovator Series – featuring uShip
  • AirSage PASS Scholarship Winners Announced
  • NYCDOT’s Traffic Information Management System

With this issue published, work has already begun on our next issue. Starting with the next issue, we will be accepting articles or article ideas on a rolling basis, to be first “pre-published” on yptransportation.org prior to being published in Mobility Matters on a quarterly basis.

If you have an idea for an article, or want to tell a story about the work you are doing in transportation please contact mobilitymatters@yptransportation.org.  We would love to hear what you have to say!

YPT Innovator Series — The Power of Where and When with AirSage

airsage-logoToday we talk to AirSage’s Matthew Martimo, VP of R&D.  Matthew is an accomplished R&D executive and respected thought leader in the rapidly evolving big data and predictive analytics sectors with nine years of experience driving high-tech product development and revenue goals.  We talk to Matthew about how AirSage’s innovative wireless signaling analytics has changed the transportation industry, the current state of population analytics, and where the transportation planning industry is headed.  You can find out more about Matthew and AirSage at airsage.com

A: What does AirSage do?Matthew Martimo

M: We work with cellphone carriers to place lat/long coordinates onto live events in their wireless network.  We can then understand the population as a whole and its movements. We feed that population movement data back to the carriers, agencies, and enterprise to provide data products and services on “where and when” things happen.

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YPT Innovator Series — Ship Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with uShip

 ushipToday we talk to uShip’s Timur Eligulashvili, VP of Commercial Products.  Timur has over 10 years of experience in the transportation logistics industry.  Before uShip he held several roles in logistics including analyst, sales, product manager, and even company founder.  We talk to Timur about how uShip’s innovative marketplace has changed the logistics industry, the current state of shipper/carrier relationships, and where the logistics industry is headed.  You can find out more about Timur and uShip at uship.com or catch their product offerings on A&E’s “Shipping Wars” on Tuesdays at 10/9c.


AP: What is uShip’s elevator pitch, i.e. what do you do (in 30 seconds or less)?

TE: We’re an online transportation marketplace that connects customers who want to ship things (i.e. shippers) and the service providers who deliver shipments (i.e. carriers).  We offer an easy way for shippers and carriers to connect and transact online.  Think eBay or Orbitz, but for shipping services.

The company was founded by our CEO Matt Chasen.  Our company was born when he identified two problems he was having.  The first problem was he wanted to ship an old dresser from his Grandmother’s house in the Midwest to Texas.  They looked at all the usual suspects but couldn’t find a good price.  All the carriers offered different prices for different services.  The second problem occurred when Matt was working in Seattle before getting accepted into the MBA program at Austin.  He packed up a truck with his wife and started driving down to Texas and thought about how he had extra space on his truck that wasn’t utilized.  He thought about how he could have connected with someone who needed to ship something down to Texas so Matt could offset his own shipping costs or even make money. Along with his other co-founders, Matt then connected the dots at the UT-Austin MBA program.  There are a lot of trucks out on the road today that aren’t fully utilized and have empty space that could be sold to people needing to ship something.  That’s how the uShip idea was born.

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