Kathryn Hendley is a transportation planner with WSP USA in Baltimore, MD. She has worked on a variety of transit projects in Baltimore and the region, with a primary focus on paratransit. Kathryn is passionate about providing sustainable, affordable and well-connected transportation to underserved communities and focuses her work and involvement in her community to advance these goals.

Kathryn grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia with undergraduate degrees in Urban Planning and Foreign Affairs (2016) and a masters degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (2017). Kathryn is interested in transportation because it is a critical element in addressing poverty and connecting communities with economic opportunity.

Kathryn bikes to work every day and encourages everyone she meets to take up biking. Kathryn is very involved in her neighborhood of West Baltimore and enjoys working with her community association to apply for grants for neighborhood programming and infrastructural improvements, organize community events, and support neighborhood kids with school work and post-high school plans. Kathryn loves exploring new cities to gather new ideas for cool projects to implement in Baltimore and is excited to be part of YPT to learn from leaders in transportation around the world.


  • Plan/oversee events in conjunction with major conferences
  • Support chapter programming, especially when major conferences are held near chapters
  • Coordinate events with the Director of Finance and the Director of Membership/li>
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