YPT Europe

welcome to YPT Europe

Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) Europe is a new group setup in 2021, dedicated to supporting the professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities for young transportation professionals across Europe. 

We are part of a global network of chapters and young people promoting each other and advancing smarter, safer, and more sustainable transport in multiple industries. 


Our goal is to foster a community that provides networking and learning opportunities to our members and friends through activities like tours, social gatherings, and inspiring talks. We aim to make YPT Europe a fun and exciting place to connect with like-minded peers. We welcome everyone from all areas of the transport industry including transport operators, startups, local & national government & academia.

Through field trips, happy hours, and speaker events, we want to create opportunities for professionals to gather on an informal basis, which will, over time, foster a community that provides mentorship and networking opportunities. But most of all, we want to make YPT Europe fun!

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Speaker Series

Our inaugural speaker series will feature a range of transport experts discussing some of the most interesting topics in transport and mobility today! 🎉

The Future of Mobility

Our first speaker event was a fascinating discussion between industry experts and we learnt about the following:

  • The mobility sector is currently estimated to be $3 trillion in size
  • Car manufacturers often unsuccessful attempts to muscle in on mobility
  • Potentially superapps will be the way to access mobility in the future
  • The importance of policymakers measuring the impact of new mobility policies
  • Having a super curious mindset is key to succeeding as a transport professional
  • There is a town in Belgium that doesn’t allow cars to overtake bicycles!

More events to be announced on our LinkedIn page soon!

YPT Europe's first Happy Hour event at ITS Hamburg 2021

BECOME a membeR

YPT membership is only $20 USD a year and will allow us to host and sponsor transportation related events. As a member, you also will have discounted admission to our events and exclusive access to any members only events in the future.

We are currently looking to add other currencies to pay to join YPT.