YPT Nashville Chapter Leadership


YPT-Nashville Board of Directors 2019-2020IMG_5439(from left to right: Melanie murphy, membership; ian preston, board chair; david morse, finance; donovan chumbley, communications; lauren gaines, deputy chair’ susan steffenhagen, administration)


YPT-Nashville is governed by a Board of Directors who develops the organization’s mission and activities. Board Meetings are generally scheduled the first Monday of each month and are held at Music City Central, the downtown transit station, or another local meeting place determined by the board prior to meeting time. Please contact us if you would like to attend an upcoming meeting. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Ian Preston, Chair (Contact)
Community Transportation Planner, TDOT

Lauren Gaines, Deputy Chair  (Contact)
Transportation Engineer, Barge Design Solutions

Susan Steffenhagen, Vice Chair of Administration (Contact)
Senior Air Quality Planner, TDOT

Donovan Chumbley, Vice Chair of Communications (Contact)
Transportation Programs Monitor, TDOT

Melanie Murphy, Vice Chair of Membership (Contact)
Senior Transportation Planner, TDOT

David Morse, P.E., Vice Chair of Finance (Contact)
Lead Transportation Engineer, WSP

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