YPT-Austin Board Positions

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Terms of office are one year, from January 1st to December 31st, and there is no limit to the number of consecutive terms a Board Member may serve. You may run for multiple positions and can choose your preferred position should you win more than one. Elections will be held for the following positions:


Presides over chapter Board meetings and acts as official representative of YPT-Austin and liason to YPT-National. Responsible for day-to-day operations and implementation of the policy and guidelines of the Board of Directors.

Deputy Chair

Responsible for activity coordination and assisting the Chair in his/her responsibilities. In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair shall act in the official capacity of the Chair and perform all duties of that office. The Deputy Chair also serves as the chapter liaison to YPT-International.

Vice Chair for Programs and Administration (Secretary)

Responsible for keeping records for all activities and chapter Board meetings, including minutes, sign-in sheets, and pictures. Manages the elections process. Assists in coordinating events, speakers, and professional development programs.

Vice Chair for Communications and Membership

Responsible for promoting organizational activities to members and the general public. Seeks to increase membership and visibility of YPT within the community. Manages communications between membership and the Board.

Vice Chair for Finance (Treasurer)

Responsible for collecting dues and safekeeping of funds. Reports financial information to the Board and approves expenditures.

Vice Chair for Newsletter

Manage YPT Austin’s quarterly newsletter by providing timely and comprehensive information to Chapter members about programs, workshops, and other matters of interest via Chapter newsletter. Duties include requesting assistance from the membership and the Board for newsletter articles or information, compiling editing, designing, and laying out the final copy of the newsletter, and distributing to the membership all meeting announcements and other information via Chapter newsletter.