YPT International Board of Directors: Role Descriptions

Chair & CEO: The Chair serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and is the official face of YPT-International. The Chair leads monthly board meetings, oversees day-to-day implementation of the international by-laws, and supervises international board positions. The Chair develops and implements strategic initiatives and partnerships, and provides strategic direction and coordination for regional district boards.

Deputy Chair: The Deputy Chair assists the Chair in administering the international board, sets up monthly board meetings, and conducts the subsequent year’s election process (SimplyVoting). In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair acts in the official capacity of the Chair and performs all duties of that office.

Director of Administration: The Director of Administration records minutes for all monthly board meetings, facilitates annual YPT awards, and keeps accurate records of the organization.

Director of Communications: The Director of Communications manages YPT-International’s social media pages, updates YPT-International’s website, sends official YPT-International e-mails, supports chapter/regional communications and social media presence, produces graphic design and marketing materials, and compiles the annual report. Knowledge/experience using these programs is desired, but not required, for the Director of Communications: Adobe CS (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), WordPress (Web Design), NeonCRM (Email Distribution), and Graphic Design experience (Strongly Recommended)

Director of Finance:  The Director of Finance collects individual dues payments and redistributes to regional districts and chapters, records and maintains accurate financial records, pays organization bills in a timely fashion, manages organization payment systems and tax compliance with the IRS, seeks opportunities to best utilize existing financial resources, expands revenue streams, develops annual budget and forecasts yearly expenses, and provides monthly updates to the International Board.    

Director of Programs: The Director of Programs plans and oversees events in conjunction with major conferences, supports regional district and local chapter programming (especially when major conferences are held near chapters), and coordinates events with the Director of Finance and the Director of Membership.

Director of Membership: The Director of Membership monitors YPT membership numbers, grants administration access to the Contact Relationship Management System (NEONCRM), sets up new chapters in database, removes duplicate membership from the membership database, and assists chapters in using CiviCRM. The Director of Membership assists in organizing and running events geared towards increasing membership and coordinate with local and regional leadership on membership related issues. The Director of Membership is the main point person on the Contact Relationship Management System.

Director of Chapter Development: The Director of Chapter Development communicates with local chapter and regional leadership, supports interested parties in establishing new YPT chapters, assists chapters with day-to-day chapter management, monitors chapters with low or changing membership numbers, and serves as a liaison between chapter leadership and International Directors.

Director of Sponsorship: The Director Sponsorship solicits and maintains international sponsors, administers and keeps up-to-date sponsorship levels, and provides accurate sponsorship information to the Director of Finance for budget planning. The Director of Sponsorship assists with programming and communication, including coordinating Sponsor events with the Director of Programs. The Director of Sponsorship also helps post jobs for Sponsors on social media and the website. Annually, the Director of Sponsorship is responsible for holding knowledge share calls with local Chapters and assists with Sponsorship information development and dissemination.