Sacramento Chapter Leadership

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Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for 2018 began their terms on November 1st:

Orville Thomas, Chapter Chair

Jonathan Hernandez, Deputy Chair
Mark Thomas & Company

Kim Tellez, Director of Administration 
T. Kear Transportation Planning and Management, Inc.

Josh Iniguez, Director of Finance 
Mark Thomas & Company

Elizabeth Connell, Director of Programs/Events Chair
Fehr & Peers

Chase McFadden, Director of Membership
Fehr & Peers

Gabriel Catapang, Director of Sponsorship

Brenda Fernandez, Director of Communication
Geocon Consultants, Inc.

Rosanna Southern, Past Chair

Todd Tregenza, Director At-Large 

Melanie Perron, Director At-Large

Michael Pimentel, Director At-Large
Shaw/Yoder/Antwih, Inc.

The board has the authority to fill empty seats at any time. Any members interested in serving are encouraged to email Duties include:

Chapter Chair – Presides over Board meetings and events, welcomes guests and VIPs
Deputy Chair – Fills in for the Chair, including relations with YPT International
Director of Administration – Roll call, meeting minutes, elections, bylaws, etc.
Director of Finance – Bank account, reimbursements, credit card readers, etc.
Director of Programs – Book venues, guests, food/drink, setup/teardown, event check-in, etc.
Director of Sponsorship – Brings in all the money so everything can happen
Director of Communication– WordPress, HTML, emails, event registration, some graphics
Director of Membership – Membership database (CiviCRM), recruitment, renewals, membership inquiries
Director At-Large – Any and all gaps, especially social media updates