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January 4, 2017

YPT Vancouver is hosting the much anticipated 4th Annual Trivia and Pub Night in partnership with the UBC ITE Student Chapter on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. Come have a drink and enjoy a fun night of transportation themed trivia, and converse with like-minded peers. You will also get the chance to show off your transportation trivia knowledge, and have a shot at the coveted YPT Vancouver Trivia Night Trophy!

The Annual Trivia and Pub Night is an informal event and is an excellent opportunity to network with other people interested in the transportation industry. This is also your chance to meet the newly elected YPT Vancouver Board members, and discover what exciting events we are planning for the coming year!

A private section of the restaurant is reserved downstairs exclusively for us.

YPT Vancouver 3rd Annual Trivia Night


Wednesday, January 18, 2017
6:00 – 8:00pm
Feel free to stay after the scheduled portion of the night!


St Regis Bar and Grill
Regis Room (downstairs)
608 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1Y6


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Event Review:  TransLink Compass Lab Tour

A tour of the TransLink Compass Lab was kindly given to YPT Vancouver on November 23rd, 2016 by:

  • William Hui: Manager, Engineering Project Delivery (Systems)
  • Tom Prestia: Senior Systems Engineer – Compass
  • Doug MacKinnon: Manager, Compass System & Infrastructure

YPT Members were given a truly behind the doors experience, including being shown various back-end components, including a look inside full-sized Compass vending machines and fare gates (yes, they shoot lasers!). There was also a brain teasing portion which gave us a glimpse into the complexity of the setup of the Compass Card system. Did you know that there are over 150 fare product types that are accommodated by Compass Cards? The numbers also reveal that around 1.2 million taps occur on the TransLink system each day, just over a year after Compass has been fully released to the public!

Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant, where professionals and students from a wide range of backgrounds chatted and got to know each other over food!

Compass Lab equipment on display

Compass Lab equipment on display

Check out our Facebook page for more event photos!

2016-2017 Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the YPT Vancouver elections results for the 2016-2017 term! Please see below for your new YPT Vancouver Board.

Thank you for participating in the 2016/2017 YPT elections!


[Alvin Tse, ISL Engineering and Land Services]

“As the Chair, I will ensure to continue the “free flowing” momentum of YPT Vancouver’s vision through fostering a professional yet casual community, optimizing networking and learning opportunities, and fulfilling the needs of our like-minded members – young and young at heart.”

Deputy Chair

[Calvin Pin, Parsons Inc.]

“As Deputy-Chair of YPT Vancouver, I will continue to build and develop the chapter into a strong organization that provides enjoyable and intellectually stimulating events to its members, builds key social connections in young professionals’ careers, and promotes mentoring and guidance between intermediate level professionals and those just starting out.”

Vice Chair for Administration (Secretary)

[Eric Tam, GNEC Inc.]

“As your newly elected YPT Vancouver Vice Chair for Administration, I look forward to another great year with YOU: our new and long standing Members/Friends!”

Vice Chair for Finance (Treasurer)

[Mona Dahir, UBC]

“As the new YPT Vancouver Treasurer, I am looking forward to helping contribute towards another successful year.”

Event Review:  Transportation Camp Vancouver 2016 


On Sunday September 11th 2016, YPT Vancouver hosted a transportation camp as part of the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place (PWPBPP) Conference. The transportation camp included a scavenger hunt and an unconference. This event was the second time that YPT Vancouver held an unconference, with the first taking place last summer at CITE Kelowna.14732205_785316241607873_2179881367335577456_n

At the Transportation Camp, there were nine attendees that participated in the
scavenger hunt and over 30 attendees that participated in the unconference. It was quite the international turnout as there were participants who came from other parts of the world.

The day started off with a scavenger hunt that took participants to some of Vancouver’s great landmarks such as Robson Square and the Jim Deva Plaza.
After the scavenger hunt, everyone regrouped at the Sheraton Hotel, where introductions for the unconference began and the winners of the scavenger hunt were awarded with delicious chocolates from Purdys.

Attendees brainstormed questions and posted their questions on a board so that similar topics could be grouped and put up for discussion. There was a diverse range of topics, spanning from big data and mobile transportation apps to parking and transportation demand management. Four sessions of 45 minutes were held, but they went by quickly with everyone having a great time.

To round the evening off, everyone headed out to a bar for drinks and appetizers then played a rousing game of Cards Against Urbanity. A big thank you to PWPBPP for arranging facilities and A/V for YPT Vancouver to host this event as part of the conference.


This event is possible with the generous support from the following sponsors:


Event Review:  CITE Transportation Camp – Unconference Session

On the morning of Tuesday, June 7th, YPT Vancouver held an unconference session in conjunction with the Annual CITE Conference held in Kelowna, BC this year. The unconference consisted of multiple rounds of sessions with different topics, group sizes, and formats which were all proposed by attendees themselves. Attendees were free to join and propose any session they were interested in which could take the form of a presentation, group discussion, Q+A, workshop etc. The unconference format fostered open and engaging conversations about transportation with hot topics such as Autonomous Vehicles, TDM Effectiveness, Transit Design, and Infrastructure Funding emerging during the first session. The second session revolved around topics including Big Data, Transportation Equity, and Master Planning.

A wide range of professionals attended the event, including those representing public and private sectors, students and vendors. Some attendees attended both sessions. Other attendees dropped in and participated in part of the sessions.

At the end of the unconference, YPT Vancouver organizers received comments from participants indicating that they enjoyed the unconventional format and appreciated the opportunity to have an “informal” discussion of topics that were not addressed elsewhere in the conference program. Participants also appreciated the opportunity to have a more interactive experience than a traditional podium session. Several individuals expressed interest in participating at an unconference in the future, including CITE 2017 in Toronto. This unconference provided the perfect platform for attendees who wanted to generate ideas, talk about topics they felt passionate about, or wanted to inspire others in the field of transportation!

Event Review: Port of Vancouver Tour

YPT was hosted by the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest and most diversified port,  for a presentation and tour on May 19th. The presentation was given in the new Discovery Centre, an interactive room where the public can now go to learn about the Port. The presentation gave an overview of how the Port operates, and described each of the Port’s primary business sectors and sustainable initiatives.  The Port Vancouver is one of the only ports in the world that offers Shore Power, an emissions reduction technology that allows cruise ships to turn off their engines when docked!

After the presentation, attendees were given a tour of the Operations Centre, where staff monitor and manage daily operations including all ships and nearly 2000 delivery trucks around the lower mainland!

We would like to thank the Port of Vancouver for hosting us for this informative and interesting tour, and we hope to return again soon!



Event Review: Main Street SkyTrain Station  Architectural and Planning Tour

YPT Vancouver hosted two tours of the upgraded Main Street SkyTrain Station on March 22nd and March 24th. The tours focused on different facets of the station upgrades with particular emphasis on the architecture and a focus on the station planning. The tours highlighted the benefits of the upgraded station including new bicycle infrastructure, enhanced entrances and how the it all fits into the neighbourhood context. The station is one of the oldest and busiest on the SkyTrain system and was built for Expo 86 over three decades ago.

On the second tour, we welcomed a group of urban planning students from UCLA to join us. This was an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and introduce them to YPT Vancouver. Following both tours, the group headed to Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village for some food and drinks. Overall the event was a huge success with a fantastic turnout that provided attendees with insight to what went into the Main Street SkyTrain Station upgrade.

This event would not have been possible without the tour guides who generously donated their time and effort. A big thanks to:

VIA Architecture
– Alan Hart, Founding Principal
– Dale Rickard, Director
– Artour Adamovitch, Senior Technologist
– Pieter Agneesens, Manager, Facility Planning and Integration
– Dan Paris, Real Estate Development Manager
– Debra Rolfe, Planner
– Michelle Babiuk, Acting Manager, Transit Network Management


Event Review: Meet the Managers – A Networking and Mentorship Night

YPT Vancouver kicked off 2016 with one of the most highly anticipated events! On January 26th (Tuesday), we hosted a Meet the Managers night, where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and talk to influential transportation managers hailing from both the public and private sector. This event brought together managers from all aspects of the transportation industry to discuss their career and how challenges and successes along the way have led them to become leaders in the industry. The night was composed of two parts, a speed networking session in groups followed by a free form social mixer afterwards. With over 50 students and young professionals in attendance, the event was a huge success!

  • The managers in attendance include:

    – Bernard Abelson (McElhanney: Transportation Planning Lead)
    – Borg Chan (ISL Engineering and Land Services: Manager, Traffic Engineering and Road Safety)
    – Jayson Walker (Urban Systems: Principal, Transportation Engineer)
    – Jeff Busby (TransLink: Senior Manager, Project Development & Network Management)
    – Ken Curry (Parsons: Vice President, Systems)
    – Mark Merlo (MMM Group / WSP: Acting Manager, Alberta Transportation Planning)
    – Peta Wolmarans (McElhanney: Division Manager – Strategic Transportation Planning)
    – Peter Joyce (Bunt and Associates: President)
    – Ross McLaren (Great Northern Engineering Consultants: Manager, Traffic Engineering)
    – Sany Zein (TransLink: Director – Infrastructure and Network Management)
    – Tim Murphy (Parsons: Senior Transportation Engineer)

This event was sponsored by: 


About YPT Vancouver

We are proud to be the first chapter of Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) in Canada!  Established in 2013, YPT Vancouver connects young transportation professionals and enthusiasts in the Metro Vancouver area who share similar interests in transportation.


Our goal is to foster a community that provides networking and learning opportunities to our members and friends through activities like tours, social gatherings, and inspiring talks.  We aim to make YPT Vancouver a fun and exciting place to connect with like-minded peers.  We welcome practitioners, academics, and leaders from all areas of the industry from front line staff to administrators and everything in between.  YPT Vancouver is also a place for students, recent graduates, and those wanting to explore what the industry has to offer.

Through field trips, happy hours, and the occasional seminar, we want to create opportunities for professionals to gather on an informal basis, which will, over time, foster a community that provides mentorship and networking opportunities.  We envision partnering with existing organizations such as the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and Connecting Transportation Professionals (CTP) to deliver meaningful events. But most of all, we want to make YPT Vancouver fun!

Contact and Connect With Us

If you have any questions about YPT Vancouver or other inquiries, please contact the chapter by email at YPTVancouver@gmail.com

Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Email: YPTVancouver@gmail.com

You can also follow YPT Vancouver on Twitter: @YPTVancouver

and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YPT-Vancouver/311534995652669

YPT Vancouver Leadership Team

Chair: Alvin Tse

Vice-Chair: Calvin Pin

Vice-Chair for Finance: Mona Dahir

Vice-Chair for Administration: Eric Tam

Officers: William Hui, Matthew Chan, Ehab Taha, Kati Tamashiro, Michelle Babiuk, Steve Chou, Amy Do, Barry Fan

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