YPT Portland

welcome to YPT Portland (PDX)

YPT Portland provides professional development, fellowship, and networking opportunities for emerging transportation professionals in the Portland Metro Area. We welcome people of all ages to our events.

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YPT membership is only $20 a year and allows us to host and sponsor transportation related events in the Portland Metro Area. You also will have discounted admission to our events and exclusive access to any members only events.

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YPT Portland chapter board

Chapter Chair: Sage Roberts, Kimley-Horn

Deputy Chair: Russ Doubleday, Kittelson & Associates, Inc

Membership Chair: Perrin Falkner, Toole Design

Collegiate Chair: Rachel Haukkala

Finance/Administration Chair: Matt Pettit, Streetlight Data

Communications Chair: Will Roberts, PBOT

Programs Co-Chair: Grace Stainback, Metro

Programs Co-Chair: Bryan Nguyen, PBOT