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Upcoming Events:

October Event with San Joaquin JPA and ACE
Train Service to Sacramento

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our Wine Train 2017 Event!

We are hosting a Happy Hour on October 24th at Kupros in Midtown. We will be meeting from 6:00 to about 8:00 p.m. Bring a friend or meet some new ones.

Dan Leavitt is the Director of Regional Initiatives for the San Joaquin JPA, the managing agency for both the San Joaquin regional rail service as well as the Altamont Commuter Express train from Stockton to San Jose. The JPA has big plans for expansion of service into Sacramento, including several more daily trips down the San Joaquin corridor to Bakersfield as well as direct service on the ACE train from Sacramento into East Bay and South Bay communities. This would mean big changes, including negotiations with the Union Pacific to change which route they use up and down the valley and design and construction of new passenger stations along that line, including a potential station in midtown Sacramento (just a few blocks from our venue!). The JPA is currently gearing up to submit an application for approximately $200 million in cap-and-trade funding in January. Come on out and learn all about the project from Dan and enjoy some free appetizers with friends!

About Our ChapterYPT_Sac_Logo_small

YPT Sacramento was incorporated in 2014 as a 501(c)(6) non-profit and became an official chapter of Young Professionals in Transportation on November 5, 2014. Our first event was in February 2015.

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Our board and membership is comprised of people from the public and private sectors with focuses in engineering, planning, and policy making. Our events are usually once a month, typically evenings, with a mix of presentations, social gatherings, and technical tours.  Our Board meets monthly, typically at noon, and is open to guests by arrangement.


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