YPT – Philadelphia Board Positions

The roles of Chair of YPT Philadelphia are to oversee Board meetings and to act as an official representative of YPT Philadelphia. The Chair is responsible to report to YPT International. The Chair will delegate tasks to other board members, as well as secure more events for the organization to host. 

deputy CHAIR

The role of Deputy Chair of YPT Philadelphia is to work in tandem with the Chair and oversee tasks the Chair is unable to. These tasks may include, delegation of workload to other board members, representing the Philadelphia chapter in meetings with YPT International, or acting as Chair if necessary. 


communications chair

The Communications Chair is responsible for providing information to the members of YPT. This is done through monthly newsletters, as well as social media posts. The Communications Chair is responsible for maintaining the YPT Philadelphia website.

Recruitment chair

The Recruitment Chair is responsible for attracting new members to YPT Philadelphia. They are also welcome to setup events with recent or soon to be graduates to expose them to the organization.

FInancial Chair

The responsibility of the Financial Chairs is to monitor and advise the Chair and Deputy Chair on the Chapter’s bank account. The Financial Chair will have direct access to the YPT Philadelphia bank account and will be responsible for handling all incoming and outgoing finances for the chapter.