Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is based in Washington, DC and elected each November to provide guidance and leadership for the international organization as a whole.  

YPT 2019-2020

Deputy Chairs

Finance Deputy Chair- Patrick Brady, Construction Attorney at CIANBRO // YPT Boston

Communications Deputy Chair-Jerome A. Horne, Ridership Experience Specialist at Indianapolis Public Transportation Corp. (IndyGo) // YPT Indy

Board of Advisors 2020-2022

YPT’s Board of Advisors are preeminent public and private sector leaders in transportation with a wide range of exemplary experience in the field. We are grateful for their participation and willingness to assist the development of a new generation of transportation professionals.

Lora Byala – President and CEO, Foursquare ITP | D.C.

Nathaniel Ford – CEO, Jacksonville Transit Authority | Jacksonville, FL

Michael Helta – Chief Innovation Officer, Maryland Transit Administration | Baltimore, MD

Katharine Kelleman – CEO, Port Authority of Allegheny County | Pittsburgh, PA

Joung H. Lee – Policy Director | American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials | D.C. 

Andy Palanisamy – Head of Mobility Management, Ford Motor Company | Detroit, MI

Chris Pangilinan – Public Transportation Policy Manager, Uber | San Francisco, CA

Robert Puentes – President and CEO, Eno Center for Transportation | D.C.

Kimberly Slaughter – Senior VP – National Transit/Rail Market Sector Leader, HNTB | Chicago, IL

Christof Spieler – Vice President, Huitt-Zollars | Houston, TX

Audrey Wennink – Director of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Council | Chicago, IL

Kimberly Williams – Chief Innovation Officer, Houston METRO | Houston, TX

Sam Zimbabwe – Director, Seattle Department of Transportation | Seattle, WA