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Austin Job Alert: City of Austin, Transportation Dept – Arterial Management Div Positions

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Austin is a great place to live and an even better place to work.  We have an outstanding opportunity available for a recent graduate to join the team operating Austin’s arterial streets (Austin Transportation Department, Arterial Management Division).  You will plan, organize, and implement signal and transportation engineering solutions that enhance the mobility for all modes of transportation – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and motorists.  A majority of your time will focus on timing the City’s nearly 1,000 signals and on the following tasks:

  •         perform various analyses to support decision making
  •         manage projects
  •         help solve multi-modal transportation issues
  •         develop work programs and track field assets
  •         work in the City’s Transportation Management Center

In this position, the selected candidate will also have opportunities to work in the following areas:

  •         Transit signal priority
  •         Signalized pedestrian treatments (pedestrian hybrid beacons, accessible pedestrian signals, etc.)
  •         Bicycle signal timing and detection
  •         Adaptive signal control
  •         Traveler information system
  •         Communications network design, operations and maintenance
  •         Arterial performance monitoring system (travel times, volumes, etc.)
  •         Coordination with other agencies
  •         Presentations to boards, commissions and committees

When considering this position, it is also important to consider the organization and people you will join.  The management team within the Department and Division are committed to working with you to succeed.  You will find a culture that is supportive in your career development, open to ideas and striving to meet and exceed the expectations of the traveling public.  Opportunities exist to participate in professional organizations (e.g., Institute of Transportation Engineers) and in continuing education programs.



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