September 2022 Jobs: PTSI Transportation (Multiple)

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71 Union Avenue – Suite 106
Rutherford NJ 07070-1272 USA
(201) 933 5530


What Do We Need?
We need one or more individuals who may be in different locales and may desire different working
patterns, ranging from full time to hourly. All of our people are and almost always have been
independent contractors (“gig” workers in newspeak), including our officers. There are peaks and
valleys to the work, but we often manage to fill the valleys with internal efforts when our client base is
not nipping at our heels. The success of our Route Learning SystemTM would indicate a surfeit of
work in the coming years.

What Skills Do We Need?
Without getting into too much detail, a major technical specialist need is the ability to create finished
railway maps from hand drawn sketches using Adobe Illustrator and similar programs. The ability to
interface with our video team is important, and occasionally to get out in the field and film rail and bus
routes from the operator’s perspective. That’s on the technical side.
On the managerial side, if you have the requisite experience, we are looking for project managers
who can head our product lines and take a vested interest in keeping them going, keeping them
affordable for our clients, and keeping them profitable for us. And making them useful to a changing
industry and appetite for a safer and environmentally sound operating environment.
Of course, these skills will have to be implemented as if you were conducting an orchestra seated not
on one stage but on many stages separated by half a continent (or more).

Who Are You?
Well, we’ve established that you are likely a Young Professional in Transportation, no matter your
age, so there’s a good chance you have an interest or some experience in “the industry”. Does it
perhaps cross the boundary into a passion (but not reach as far as an obsession)? All the better. Are
you “can do”? A “self starter”? Which side are you on in the great “Is it better to seek forgiveness or
permission?” debate? Are you a technician or do you genuinely see value in helping make this
business a better one because you love the concept of transporting people and goods by an efficient
and environmentally sound mode?

Who Are We?
We are Passenger Transportation Specialists, Inc., dba PTSI Transportation, a small consultancy
which just celebrated its Golden Anniversary! We’re located in the New York metro area about a mile
from Met-Life Stadium, and within sight of the Manhattan skyscrapers. With outposts as far away as
London and Tasmania, and professionals scattered over the US! About 40 of us in all, most of whom
are experienced railroaders and transit professionals who don’t necessarily work on every project, but
on those in which their expertise, experience, and location make it optimal.

What Do We Do?
We do railroading, we do transit, we do bus. Mostly operations, marketing, even on board (food)
service. Some management strategizing! Some implementation assistance for startups. Lots of
training, using our Route Learning SystemTM, a multi-media system for teaching locomotive engineers
and train operators and first responders the physical characteristics of their routes.

Why Do We Do It?
None of us do it because “it’s a job”. Every one of us loves the business, and every one of us realizes
that what we do makes a difference – it makes the industry safer, it provides new transportation and
travel options, and it’s a big piece of the climate change puzzle. And did we mention that every one of
us loves the business? It gets in your blood!

Who to Contact?
Please send a note and a resume to the following three people:
Michael R. Weinman, Managing Director  |
John O. Hedrick, Vice Chair  |
Patricia Chemka Speranza, Chief of Staff  |

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